Capacity Enhancement

Capacity Enhancement

As HoA countries work towards holistic approaches to deal with displacement impacts, the capacities of existing governance structures at the various levels will require support in planning and implementing inclusive development. The various development partners, including non-traditional ones like the private sector actors, will play a critical role in bringing forth their skills and experiences to support the IGAD Member States and the IGAD Secretariat to scale-up the existing good practices critical for sustainable economic development.

Technical capacities will be availed by the RS to coordinate the regional response and support joint analytical work and building a knowledge base on sustainable approaches to building resilience in refugee hosting areas. As such, the RS will assist project countries through deploying technical assistance where specific capacity gaps have been identified. The RPSC will be made aware of such capacity support needs as put forth by countries to avoid duplication and where relevant multiple deployment of such capacities in the different project countries. It is also envisioned within the Nairobi Action Plan that a regional multi-donor fund will be established to serve as a flexible source of financing for responding to protracted displacement and mixed migration in the region.

Working through the RPSC and as part of its learning and development agenda, the RS will support a series of learning and sharing conferences, study tours and innovation and technology market places with a cross-section of stakeholders. These will act as incubators for new ideas and innovations that can be quickly piloted and scaled-up as needed, in collaboration with the private sector. Such events would be targeted at building the capacities of the member states while strengthening cooperation with development partners in improving basic social services, livelihoods and providing alternative energy sources in targeted areas. The participation of the PIUs in such learning events when they take place at the national level will be ensured.

IGAD Regional Secretariat on Forced Displacement and Mixed Migration