Policy dialogue on the development approach to displacement

Policy dialogue on the development approach to displacement

The strategic shift in addressing the needs of displaced populations from “care and maintenance” to “social cohesion and self-reliance” provides some insight into the much needed policy shift to address the humanitarian and development needs of displaced persons, migrants and refugee hosting communities. This is in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which places new responsibilities on both humanitarian and development actors to include displacement issues in the development agenda under the leadership of the respective Governments within their National Development Plans (NDPs).

In an effort to advocate for sustainable development approaches to managing displacement, the RS will facilitate discussions between humanitarian and development partners to increase appreciation of the interlinkages between socio economic development and forced displacement and migration in the Horn of Africa.  These regional dialogues will be extended to the national level through the IGAD established National Consultative Mechanisms (NCMs) on Migration that bring together different actors and government agencies working on migration and displacement. The continuous engagement of parliamentarians as policy makers and relevant line ministries will be an important activity as the two groups form a critical support to this approach at the national level.

World Bank and UNHCR report on forced displacement and mixed migration in the horn of Africa (June 2015)

IGAD Regional Secretariat on Forced Displacement and Mixed Migration